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Sabino Sabercats Football season has begun. As the boys prepare for a season of hard work, the Sabino Booster Club's purpose is to support our coaching staff and community, build traditions, promote positive behavior and build character in our student athletes.


While success will be measured in one form on the score board, Sabino High School football coaches will help our football players understand  that success is achieved in many ways by developing character, integrity as well as how to respond to hardships and setbacks with a positive unyielding attitude. This will give them the opportunity to perform and achieve in society. Our student athletes will learn how powerful they can be if they believe and trust in a worthy cause.


We do not believe any young man should miss out on the life lessons imparted by our sport due to financial constraints. We are so thankful for the support of the local businesses that have made our success possible.


We ask you to consider making a gift in support of our team through a sponsorship. Our success will not be possible without the generosity of partners like you.


The Sabino Football Booster Club assists the team with the costs of maintaining our award winning football program: equipment, student athlete training camps, transportation and field maintenance. Your gift of any amount will play a key role in ensuring our athletes are well prepared and well equipped for the season ahead.

There are several sponsorship levels available, please see the attached sponsorship brochure for more information. 

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